You want "No B.S." marketing? We got it.
104% "No B.S." Guarantee: we pay you if we fail.

We sit down with you every quarter, review which customers we brought through your doors, because you don't have time for B.S.

A "go-big or go-home" digital marketing agency serving Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Ohio and national small business clients; headquartered in Morgantown, West Virginia.

How We Treat you 

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Small Businesses Just Like Yours
(it’s not what you’re used to)

Protection From Getting Screwed Over... The Best Guarantee Ever:

We offer you a 104% No B.S. Guarantee.

"Marketers" selling marketing services love to run their mouth. "Look at how great we are." 

They'll fluff you. They'll spin you. They'll confuse you.

Until you break down, cross your fingers, close your eyes, hope you'll come out the other side okay, and finally empty your wallet into their hands.

But why? It doesn't have to be this way.

Marketing firms wouldn't dare put their money where their mouth is.

When you partner with us and write a check, it's an investment into your company. You naturally have a fear you won't get a return on the investment. You want that fear and risk eliminated.

Well we do you even better. If we fail to deliver what we promise, not only will all of your money be refunded, but we also pay you 4% extra for wasting your time.

An Exclusive Club Which Respects You And Your Business:

We only take on new clients twice per month. So you have our full attention.

Our daily focus should be on delivering value for your company, not on-boarding new clients.

Your Legendary Business Relies On Elite Standards:

We work with 5+ year old, healthy companies.

We often connect your business with our other clients for “win-win” cross promotions and advertising campaigns. So you benefit when we pick strong businesses as our clients.

Dominate Your Competitors With Continuous Improvement

We are on the persistent hunt to beat our best performances.

The Japanese call it kaizen. Toyota Motors used it to build the world's best production system.

You don’t believe in perfection and we don't either. Instead of disappearing after project delivery, we stick around to challenge our high score.

Dedicated Research Arm Because Shooting In The Dark Is Expensive:

Our sister company Epic Research gathers crucial data about your customers through local market research, customer evaluations, private data, focus groups, and surveying.

So no business decision is ever a “guess.”  Epic Research also has one of the largest private databases of business competitor statistics in the local mid-atlantic region.

Transparent Affordable Billing You Trust:

We don’t bill hourly. It encourages slower work to increase billable hours.

It also motivates add-ons and unnecessary bells and whistles. You've likely been milked before under the deceit of "expert consultation."

And if we don’t feel we can deliver a minimum 2x return on your investment, we automatically refuse the project.

Constant Self-Scrutinizing Because You Only Want The Best:

We sit down with you every quarter for a close review of our efforts.

Did our results meet your predefined goals? It's a simple "yes" or "no" question.

We call them “is this worth it?” meetings.

We encourage you to fire us on-spot if we fail to meet your goals.

No B.S. And Honest Communication:

Bluntness may not be for everyone. But as our client, you find it refreshing.

No social games. If something is bothering you, immediately stop and we handle it right then. Gone are the days where stiff "professionality" gets in the way of effective business.

We ask you directly for harsh, negative criticisms throughout your project. During meetings, we like to assign one of your staff as dedicated "devil's advocate" to focus on potential downsides.

If we can't best help you, we give you free recommendations on where to go.

Your Partner, Not a Vendor:

Vendors come a dime a dozen.

But a partner comes once in a lifetime. We give you our home phone numbers.

We invite you to our barbecues. We even send flowers when your family dog gets hit by a car.

We love our clients. We only do business with folks we consider part of our extended family.

Expose Your Lost Business Opportunities

A Free "No B.S." Offer:
How Your Company Can Win Online

Fellow Business Owner,

You’ll be outraged.

I’m going to let you in on what’s really happening online to your business.  

Do you know the lost opportunity your company experiences daily...most don’t.

Business owners and management teams like yourself don’t know what you don’t know.

And it hurts you.  It costs your company dearly;  
From big the obvious lost profits.

Nearly every businessperson I talk to says:                            

“I don’t have a good handle on technology”

“I don’t really understand that web stuff"

"It's never a priority until it's a problem"

"The person handling it now doesn't have appropriate expertise"

"There's no way for me to know if the website is fulfilling potential"

"I've got an online presence but no idea how to take charge"

I’ll explain it simply. 

Your customers are rapidly shifting from traditional interactions with your company  
        (Think: yellow page ads and billboards) digital interactions with your company
        (Think: Google search ads and websites).

In other words, their buying behaviors are changing;  
So the important question is, should you change your selling behavior?

How your customers digitally interact with your company:

a) 68% of adults own a "smart" phone [was only 35% just 4 years ago!]

b) 73% own a desktop or laptop (Pew Research)

c) 89% of consumers turn to online search engines prior to making purchasing decisions (Fleishman-Hillard) 

d) Amazingly, 76% of people who search on their smartphone for something nearby...end up physically visiting that business within 1 day (Google Inc.)

e) Digital is even now woven into traditional marketing such as TV commercials with 66% of smartphone users turning to their mobile devices to learn more after seeing your television commercial (Google Consumer Surveys)

f) Our own study shows folks trust the internet more than their family. 72% were more likely to trust a collection of online reviews from complete strangers over the personal recommendations of their own family members. Let that sink in. (Epic Research)

The world is changing.

If you believe digital marketing isn't important to your business, I can't help.

But perhaps you already know all of this. 

Maybe you're already online and reaching prospects. There's still one unseen problem.

Let’s imagine your well-established business is located at the dead end of a street. You’ve been in business for a decade and enjoyed much success there. Now imagine 5 of your best competitors move in at the opposite end of your street.

Your business declines and the competition gradually steals your customers. Every morning, you drive past your rivals and see folks jamming out their front doors. Yet barely any customers even give your business a chance.

It wouldn’t take you long to do something about this huge lost opportunity. Right? 

Well, this exact scenario happened to you yesterday. It’s happening to you right now, as you read this. And it will occur tomorrow, too, if you fail to do something about it.

The internet is fragmented, technical, complex, and ever changing. But you have the power to take control.

So do something about it today. Discover how well your business competes on the internet in your local market.  

Enter your website address below for a free analysis of how well your website is competing.

We'll expose what your company is losing out on.

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So there's 2 options:

Get the ball rolling now
Do nothing and gain nothing

Seize the day,

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Borris Amadeus Aristott
Owner, Epic Web Company

P.S. We can't help everyone. In fact, we only do business with 2 out of 10 businesses we meet with. If you don't have a great company or the desire to make your business the best in town, your time might be better spent researching other agencies. Regardless, the free report is still yours to keep.

P.S.S. Most agencies won't tell you they sell you "pre-loaded" products and just ram your information into their templates. This is dangerous. It might make you money. But it will prevent you from obtaining countless customers and profits in the hundreds of thousands. Not worth it. 

We do handmade custom work. Like a skilled blacksmith hammering a sword into the exact shape and weight you'll need to win your battle. We also hold ourselves financially accountable. Why not? We have 100% confidence in our ability to grow your company. So, our word is literally worth it's weight in gold. This forces us to go-big or go-home.

We even challenge businesses with agency current providers. Why not? If we can show you how to do it better, we know you'll switch to us. In response, our competition has stepped up their game. But not in quality. No, they lock you into long-term contracts so you can't go elsewhere. They charge large up-front fees so even if you leave, they've already squeezed you dry. Tread carefully.

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